Holy Wednesday

The day of the Historical Parade

and The Trial of Jesus standing before Pilate

The parade consists of several characters. They subsequently will stage the Trial of Jesus, which begins in
the late afternoon of Wednesday. Over two hundred figures represent peasants, maidens, knights and
Roman legionnaires, princes and Jewish Sanhedrin.They parade along the main street of San Cataldo in a
surreal atmosphere that recalls the days of the Passion of Jesus Christ. The parade is closed by the chariot
of the Roman Procurator Pontius Pilate.
Along the way the breaks are highlighted by traditional fanfare of Roman legionaries.
The procession ends at Piazza degli Eroi , where a spectacular stage projects the viewer in front of the
Praetorium of Pontius Pilate. Here, the priests force the Roman governor to accept their request to put
Jesus to death and free the prisoner Barabbas.
The scenes of the scourging and of ‘ Ecce Homo are intensely moving.
This is a unique presentation, which attracts every years thousands of people in the square and along the final stretch of Corso Sicilia in San Cataldo.
After the representation of the process to Jesus, there is the return “On the way to Calvary”. It is
characterized by 5 exciting moments called”Plastic Paintings”: ” The taking of the Cross”; “The First Fall”;
“Caiaphas and Misandro”; “Joseph, Nicodemus and Mary Magdalene”; “Jesus meets the pious women”.